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How the Growth Driven Approach will constantly grow your website success.

The solution

Growth-Driven Website Design

Growth-Driven Website Design (GDD) is a smarter approach to building and growing websites. It focuses on user-data to continuously improve the website at a faster rate than traditional web design.

You might be familiar with the old website approach. It usually starts with a stressful 2-year launch project including high investment and risk. Finally, you launch a very expensive website based solely on assumptions. Most businesses then leave their website alone without checking if it produces any results.

The GDD approach transforms this launch-and-forget attitude into a valuable and successful relationship.

Growth Driven Webdesign is a smarter, user-centric approach to building and growing websites. Rather than jumping from launch to launch, the website is constantly improving so that its lifespan can be maximized.

The process

How Growth Driven Design works



2-4 weeks

Become an expert on your customers and find out how they use your website by creating personas and user journey maps. This information translates into a list of requirements called a wishlist. Define your website’s role and set SMART goals.



2-3 months

The Launch Pad is the first version of your website. It contains only the most critical components and functionalities. The goal is to launch quickly to get results and real data about your users’ behavior as soon as possible.



Every 4-6 weeks

Based on website data, plan and execute incremental improvements and new functionalities on your website from your wishlist. Changes are performed in ongoing “sprints” with a timeframe of four to six weeks.

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Three reasons why using the GDD approach improves your website

1. Focused on the user

Your website will help your customers. By getting insights from website data, you can identify your users’ needs and make data-driven decisions. This will turn your website into a user magnet and create a trustful relationship with your customers.

2. Smarter and Faster

Forget a 12-month launch plan. In a few weeks, you will launch a new website with top features and functionalities. From this moment on, you will make incremental changes and enhancements based on your website data.

3. Longterm investment

Instead of high up-front investment, your new website approach produces steady month-over-month growth. You can directly see the return on your investments as you continue changing and optimizing your website.

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