Website Review & Audit

Uncover problems and challenges that are holding your website back

Start with understanding the problems before fixing the wrong things.

We can’t fix your website, before we understand your website’s problems. This would be like going to a doctor and not getting checked before he subscribes a treatment for your pain.

Our website audit determines your website’s performance and uncovers its barriers and challenges. As a result, we will list improvement suggestions to achieve better results and, ultimately, to boost sales.

We will find answers to questions like:

  • What is not working or might hold users back to sign up or purchase?
  • Am I paying too much for my ads because users are not converting on my website?
  • Am I missing opportunities with my website?
  • What could my business achieve if I had a better website?
  • Where does my site rank in search results and for which kind of keywords is it ranking?

We offer two website audit options.

Option 1

Interactive short website audit

We review your website using our expertise in conversion rate optimization. The hands-on and actionable website conversion review is done live via an interactive screen share with you and your team. We will prepare a list of recommendations, check your website speed and your SEO-ranking before the call. During the video session, we will go through your website showing you our findings and discuss with you what needs changing.

Price: USD 550 + VAT

What’s included?

Review of your website’s user experience and structure
Are you users finding the information they are looking for? We will analyse how your website is structured and how easy it is to navigate.

✔ Review of the buying process
The buying process, conversion or signup path has to be clear and straight forward. We will look for conversion blockers that should be removed immediatly in order to turn more visitors into buyers.

✔ Technology
We will check if your website has any technical problems. We will also review if it is mobile optimized and how fast it is loading.

Content quality and relevance
Your website content should be clear and to the point in order for your clients to understand your business proposal. We will analyse if your tonality is talking to your potential clients and if your content is relevant and clear.

We will check if your website is set up for the right ranking on Google Search. Is it showing up where it needs to be of or are there any issues holding the ranking back?

Price: USD 550 + VAT

Delivery Time: 3 days

See what our clients say about the website audit

Option 2

Full website audit with website data

The full website review covers all topics from the interactice review and adds one very important factor it: Your website and user data. We will audit your website data using your analytics tool. The review based on real user data eliminates the guessing. We can proof our recommendation with real data.

We will also provide you with an analytics template and a training on how to use the reporting in the future.

What's included?

✔ All aspects of the interactive short website audit

✔Analysis and insights from your key metrics analysis
We will show you the overall website's performance based on real data. Find out if your bounce rate is too high, whether you need more traffic or a higher conversion rate.

✔ Insights from your top pages and landing pages
We will reveal your essential pages and how they are performing. These pages have the most value for your website and need extra attention.

✔ Traffic source analysis
We will analyse which traffic sources are the most valuable for your business and where you should invest more budget (you will be surprised). We will also analyse if your traffic source mix is set up right.

✔ Funnel analysis and navigation flow insights
We will review how your visitors are navigating on your website. We will uncover at what points they are dropping of and the potential reasons behind this behaviour.

✔ Website visitors analysis
We will find out if you are tracking the right target groups. The analysis shows who the users are that are visiting your website and what they are looking for.

Price: USD 1,050

Delivery Time: 5 days

Interactive short website audit

  • Review Content
  • Review of user experience and structure
  • Review of the buying process
  • Content Audit
  • Keywords List
  • Page load report
  • Check of optimization on mobile devices
  • Review Output
  • 60 minutes Expert live website review video session
  • Summary report with top improvement ideas

Full website audit with website data

  • Review Content
  • Everything from the short audit
  • Key metrics analysis
  • Top pages and landing pages insights
  • Traffic source analysis
  • Funnel analysis and navigation flow insights
  • Website visitors analysis
  • Review Output
  • 90 minutes Expert live website review video session
  • Summary report with top improvement ideas
  • 10-page Analytics report

Website Optimization

Ready for more?

Next Step: Conversion Optimization

Once we know what is not working, we will find out why this happens and how to fix this.

Find out why a specific step in the funnel is underperforming. Or why visitors leave at a certain point. We will help you to set up A-B-Tests to create the best conversion optimization changes.

Questions anybody?

Where should I start?

We highly believe that starting with the Website Review is the best investment. This way, we will first find out what is going wrong with your website and as the second step tell you how to change your website.

What is the difference between the short and the long audit?

In the short website audit our experts will review your website based on their many years of experience in website optimization. It helps you to quickly identify challenges and barriers that might be holding your website back.
The long version also give you insights, but we will have a deeper look into your website analytics tool and use the data to show you what is wrong with your website. This takes out the guessing and our recommendations will be more customized to your business and your visitors.

Can I first book the short audit and then the long one?

Sure, you can first try our services by booking the short audit. If you feel that you want to get more insights, we offer a cheaper price for the upgrade to the full website audit. Just let us know that you already booked the short audit and you will only pay the difference.

What if I am not happy with your work?

We value open communication with our clients. Before we start working for you, we will make sure that you clearly understand what we are doing and what your part in the game is. If you have doubts or are not satisfied with our work, we will first try to find a good solution. If you don’t want to continue working of reasons outside of miscommunication, we will refund your investment.

Do you need more information? We would love to help.

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