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We will show you how to improve your website and gain better results.

Does this sound familiar? You have invested time and money to design a professional website, but it isn’t bringing in the traffic or conversions that you wanted. You don’t know what the problem is or how to get better results. Hiring a team or web developer to redesign it again is too expensive and a waste of your previous efforts. So what now?

How does our Website Therapy session benefit your business?
  • Stop waisting ads budget by driving the wrong users to your website. Find out who the right target users are and how to convert them to paying customers.
  • Not a number’s person? Not anymore. Start tracking the right numbers and turn them into insights about how you can grow your business.
  • Finally understand what is holding your website back and what you have to change to get the results you need.
How does the Website Therapy work?

Our website therapy is a three steps hands-on process. First, we will turn you into an expert for your website users. You will learn to understand your users and evaluate how you can utilize your website to help them. Next, we teach you to analyze and measure your website’s performance within your analytics tool. You will understand its strengths and challenges and gain further data-driven insights. This analysis will feed your list of optimizations. You will learn to define your requirements for your web team and optimize your website for better results.

Our 3-step Website Therapy session:




Reporting & Analysis




Content Excellence

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The foundation for your website success

Our strategy session helps you focus on what makes your website successful–your customers. The goal of your website is to engage users, convert them, and make them come back as repeat visitors. Gain a deep understanding of your users’ motivations and desires when they land on your website and use that knowledge to convert leads into customers. Once we have examined your customers and their desires, we can map their user journey. Your website goals bring together all the information and turn them into KPIs to keep your effort measurable and on track. 


Acquire a deep understanding of your users and target groups.

  • Conduct user research on a small to medium scale
  • Obtain input from potential and/or existing customers through interviews
  • Collect information from client-facing departments in your company
  • Create persona documents for your website users


Define your users’ needs and how your website provides a solution for them.

  • Understand the conversion funnel on your website
  • Define what your users’ desires and needs are when landing on your website
  • Identify your website’s most important acquisition channels
  • Create user journey maps for your personas


Define website goals to transform your website into a business and marketing tool.

  • Define SMART goals for your website
  • Translate your goals into KPIs
  • Connect the purpose of your website to your business goals
  • Create a value proposition for your website
Results & Output:
  • Compilation of user research and interviews
  • Data and feedback collection from internal teams like sales, customer service and other departments
  • Persona workshop to define the most important website users
  • User journey workshop to create user journey maps for each persona/li>

From $4,000 to $6,000
Depending on the company size and project scope.



Evaluate your website performance

Your website contains a treasure trove of data about your users’ behaviors. We show you how to track this information and analyze the data to make improvements to your site. We will create a website reporting template in your analytics tool to track your website goals and KPIs. We will show you how to automate the reporting to get a regular update on your performance. Having systems and automation in place will help you focus on data analysis. Numbers only give you answers when you ask the right questions. Our analysis section will combine your users’ needs from the strategy session with data reporting to find the most important insights for your business.


Get your website data in order.

  • Create a website reporting template
  • Set up goals in the analytics tool based on the predefined KPIs
  • Build the conversion funnel in your analytics tool
  • Automate the reporting for a regular update


Analyze your data to identify your website performance.

  • Evaluate your overall performance based on your website goals
  • Find website bugs with your website reporting tool
  • Analyze your SEO status and how to improve it
  • Assess if your acquisition strategy works
  • Create recommendations to improve your user experience
  • Ensure that the last steps on your conversion funnel are error-free
Results & Output:
  • Website reporting template tailor-made for your KPIs
  • Automation for regular updates
  • Analysis of your website’s performance including SEO, paid acquisition, funnel analysis and user experience analysis
  • Insights and recommendations

From $3,000 to $6,000
Depending on the company size and project scope.



Improving, one update at a time

With KPIs set and analysis complete, we can now focus on the optimization of your website. Changing all items on your list at once is not a good idea and might blow up your development costs. You will learn how to prioritize your website updates to change the most critical parts first. It is essential to understand that your website has to evolve and be optimized regularly to achieve better results. We will show you how to plan your website updates. As you will often talk to developers to realize your website changes, we will teach you how to effectively communicate your requirements to them so they understand your expectations.


Focus your efforts on the changes that get results.

  • Set up a wishlist template
  • Arrange optimization items by priority
  • Learn how to prioritize changes by impact and effort


  • Create a roadmap for website updates
  • Learn how to use A-B-testing
  • Understand focus areas
  • Define focus areas for your roadmap


  • Learn how to write job stories
  • Learn to use mockups and wireframes
  • Understand how a developer thinks
  • Create requirements for your website updates
Results & Output:
  • Wishlist with all requirements
  • Prioritize and estimate all wishlist items
  • Website roadmap
  • Requirement template

From $1,700 to $3,000
Depending on the company size and project scope.



Content helps you create connections

In our opinion, a lot of your website’s success is determined by its content. Content Marketing is about creating a connection between you and your (potential) target groups. It means to tell your company’s story – with words that your audience uses and on marketing channels your audience prefers. Learn how to apply storytelling to achieve business goals. And get an understanding of what good content means for your company.


Learn how to promote your business goals with Content Marketing.

  • Set up a Content Marketing Funnel to engage your audience with different kinds of content pieces
  • Understand content KPIs
  • Learn about Content Marketing best practices


Find out how to make out well-done content.

  • Learn about the different layers of content quality
  • Understand to create stories that resonate with your target groups
  • Audit your content and its performance


What to talk about – and how to talk about it.

  • Find out why it is important to find your company’s content niche
  • Determine your content sweetspot using the user empathy map
  • Understand the different content channels as well as their requirements regarding form and tonality
Results & Output:
  • Vision for your company’s Content Marketing goals
  • Content audit
  • Workshop to find content tailor-made for your target groups / personas
  • Cheat sheet: What content can do for you along the sales funnel

From $2,100 to $3,000
Depending on the company size and project scope.

Your website is an asset to drive business growth. We will teach you how to transform it into a valuable tool for success.

Questions anybody?

Who is the website therapy for?
It is for every business which has a website. It is especially for people who are in charge of a website that isn’t maximizing its best results. We work with a variety of clients, from startups that want to grow to companies that want to improve their web marketing.

What do I get out of it?
We will work with you through the three steps of the website therapy. Throughout the process, you will get a better understanding of your website users and their needs. You will also understand how to apply user data to uncover your website’s challenges. Your optimization list will show you what is necessary to improve your website. And the best part: you will be able to use this process over and over again.

How much does it cost?
We would like to be transparent with all costs involved. The total costs depend on the size of your company and how much work is necessary for each step. The best way to find out the exact costs for the project is to contact us and tell us more about your company and your website challenges.

How do I pay?
The first step is for you to send us more information about your company and your website. With this, we can understand the extent of the project for each of the three steps and send you a customized proposal. If it is agreeable, we will require 30% of the total amount before we proceed, 30% after the first steps, and the remaining amount after the completion of the project.

Do I have to book all of the four steps?
You don’t have to buy the whole package. If you’ve already covered the first few steps, we are happy to take it from there. But we need sufficient information about your users and your company. This is the reason for requesting your strategy input and additional time to process and research before we can move on from there.

Where are you based? How can I book your services?
We are a small team that works for international customers located all over the world. If you are based near us, we will be happy to meet in person. If not, we have all the tools necessary to provide our services on a remote basis. If you require a face-to-face project, it’s no problem for us to travel for additional costs.

I need a new website. Can you help?
Definitely. We also offer complete website launches and relaunches. You can find out more about it on our website section here.

Why is this called “therapy”?
At Website Counseling, we believe that success only comes when you have a good relationship with your website, and maintaining this relationship needs work on a constant basis. Similar to your relationships with partners or friends, sometimes these relationships require an external counselor to guide them through therapy for better results. And we would love to be your website counselor.

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