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Our Website Optimization services cover all relevant topics and techniques that convert your website into a succesfull business asset. Our services enable you to create a website that your users will appreciate and that ranks well in the search results.

We offer a vast spectrum of practices and skill-sets to improve your website like user research, copywriting, usability and conversion optimization.

As each business is unique, we will customize the optimization part to your requirements. The website review is the best preparation to quickly improve your website and get better results within a short period of time.

You can also contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will create a fully costumized website optimization plan for you.

Here’s a list of optimization topics we offer.

A-B-Testing Roadmap

Go from “what” is wrong to understanding “why” your website is not performing better.

  • Get a list of up to 20 ideas to A-B test on your website
  • All test ideas based on data from your analytics, and many years of conversion rate experience
  • Learn how to implement and run A-B tests
  • We will analyze the results to show you the learning from the tests


Stop wasting ads budget because of underperfoming landingpages. We will optimize your landingpages to generate higher conversion rates.

  • Review of the landingpage structure
  • Improvements on your landingpages sales text
  • Analyse the flow from the ad to your landingpage
    Wireframes and/or layout for the new landingpage structure
    Improvements for your call-to-actions and sign up forms


Understand your website users and how to talk to them to turn them into visitors.

  • Conduct user research on a small to medium scale
  • Obtain input from potential and/or existing customers through interviews
  • Collect information from client-facing departments in your company
  • Create persona documents for your website users


Learn how to apply storytelling to achieve business goals. And get an understanding of what good content means for your company.

  • Development of smart content marketing goals
  • Presentation and discussion of content KPIs
  • Development of possible topics & formats
  • Plus: Checklist for content quality


Where are your target groups at? And how do you connect your website and Social Media Create a plan for your channel strategy.

  • Development of a channel strategy
  • Development of suitable formats
  • Plus: channel strategy cheat sheet (dos & don’ts)


We show you how to find topic fields that fit your company. Plus: how to develop content from those topics.

  • Definition of topics
  • Development of a keyword set (150 to 200 terms)
  • Plus: checklist for finding topics that fit your website


Learn how to plan content effectively and efficiently and how to put it out on your website and other channels.

  • Development of a process for content creation and distribution
  • Development of an editorial plan (compatible for social media and other channels)
  • Distribution tips (including tool recommendation)
  • Plus: template for an editorial plan


How you find your tone of voice and create content for the website and other channels.

  • Development of a tone of voice
  • Exercises: How to create content
  • Plus: template for the structure of your content pieces


Learn the basics for search engine optimization for your website content.

  • How to write for search engines
  • How to find keywords
  • How to read Google Analytics (Basics)
  • Plus: template for the structure of SEO texts – incl. writing tips


We optimize your website content for search engines.

  • Review the contents under SEO aspects
  • Creation of a keyword set (150 to 200 terms)
  • Rework of the content with SEO in mind

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