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We are not a web agency. Rather, we’re a network of expert freelancers with the abilities and experience to create the best website for your company. We put together the perfect team based on your needs. For some businesses, they might need more help with the strategy part while others need advice for their content strategy or are searching for a whole design team.

Partnering with freelancers instead of a fixed agency has many advantages. Our team members excel in taking the lead to deliver excellent results. We work both independently and in teams. And we know that it is crucial to communicate clearly to get the message through. Most importantly, you don’t pay for agency overhead costs.

Our teams work remotely and onsite. It always depends on what you, the client, needs and what is best for the project. We communicate openly about the process and what you can expect of us. Our goal is to develop a cohesive team with members from our organization and yours because you play a significant role in the success of your website.


Batul Resheq

Batul is the founder of Website Counseling. With more than eight years of experience in digital marketing, she has launched and optimized so many websites that she can’t put a number on it. For three years she has been working as a self-employed consultant before she decided to launch a company to bring her great network of experts on board.

She likes to wear several hats. As a strategist, she explains to her customers how they optimize their websites for the needs of their customers. As a project manager, she likes to put together the perfect team and guide it through the project.


Marc Bauer

As our main developer, Marc Bauer is a seasoned software and web developer with over 10 ten years of experience. Marc started his career as a graphic designer which makes him the favorite developer for our graphic designers.
He gained many years experience as an employed and freelance developer at marketing agencies, helping clients like NIVEA, Rittersport or TUI.


Deborah Hucht

Seven years ago, Deborah cut her teeth working as an editor at big publishing houses like Gruner + Jahr. Having become curious about Content Marketing, she then adapted competences as a content manager as well as concept developer working for several communication agencies. Since 2017, she has been waving her own flag as a freelancer, developing content strategies for companies and agencies and breathing life into the concepts with text and sometimes (moving) images. Her mission: To create digital content that propels websites and businesses!


Dinah Kübeck

Dinah is an illustrator, coffee addict and lover of bad puns. She studied illustration and fine art at HAW Hamburg, Parsons The New School for Design in New York City and MICA in Baltimore. Dinah’s style is colorful, graphic and rather paired down and she is interested in reducing illustrations to their core message, without them losing charm, whit, and elegance.

In fact, all our illustrations are the result of her creativity and expertise.


Sonja Michaelis

You could call Sonja the head of graphic design department (if we had one). She has over 9 years experience working as a freelance designer. If she isn’t busy working at the big agencies like SinnerSchrader, Jung von Matt, Elephant Seven, or neteye, she manages her husbands wine business COPITO.


Want to become part of the team?

We are always looking for amazing people to join the team. You should be passionate about digital topics, especially all things web. If you feel that we could be a good match, reach out to us via email at team@website-counseling.com.

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